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Alexandria Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating Beautiful Smiles that Patients Love

We integrate cosmetic dentistry into all of our services at Braddock Dental. We believe dentistry shouldn’t just be functional – it should also look great. In addition to aesthetic approaches to restorative dentistry, we also provide optional appearance- and confidence-boosting cosmetic treatments.

KöR Whitening

Whitening your teeth is the fastest, easiest, and most conservative way to enhance the appearance of a healthy smile. Our in-office and take-home professional whitening treatments can remove years of stain and natural discoloration from your teeth. KöR Whitening is the most effective bleaching system in the world today. Dr. Caligan is now able to whiten many of the most difficult cases – even tetracycline-stained teeth once believed to be impossible.

Inman Aligner

In just 6-16 weeks, the removable Inman Aligner can help you find a better, straighter, more comfortable smile. This single, removable orthodontic appliance uses constant gentle pressure to straighten your front teeth. While this is not “comprehensive orthodontic treatment”, we offer this option because the front teeth are often the ones that matter most to our patients. The Inman Aligner is perfect for people who need fast results and only have a few out of place teeth to correct.


Composite Bonding

Tooth-colored bonding is a great way to correct irregularities and discrepancies in the teeth. Chipped edges or slight spaces between the teeth can often be corrected with very little drilling and in just one visit. The state-of-the-art resins used by Dr. Caligan bond directly to the tooth and blend seamlessly, making them look natural, like part of the tooth itself. Since everyone’s teeth are different shades and sizes, we carefully color-match and shape the bonding material for perfect results.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are among the most dramatic ways to change your whole smile. Each veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to your prepared tooth, so it looks like it’s been replaced with a brand new one. Each veneer is custom designed to fit you, and because our veneers are minimal-preparation veneers, the placement is much more conservative.

Why We Choose Minimal-Prep Veneers

One of the challenges we face in transforming a smile is preserving the health of the teeth. It is our goal to give you the look you want in as conservative a way as possible. With today’s stronger porcelains, we’re able to get great results while removing much less tooth structure than was required in the past. In some cases this means very little, or even no, drilling.

Full-Mouth Restoration

When your mouth needs a makeover, full-mouth reconstruction is the best approach. This type of therapy takes both dental health and appearance into account. Tooth by tooth, Dr. Caligan creates a treatment plan that will piece together the puzzle of a healthy, beautiful smile no matter what your needs are.

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